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Introducing Time Registration Tracking

It's happened to all of us it's late in the day, you haven't accomplished what you wanted to do, and you wonder where all the time went. If you want to manage your time better, it is essential that you:

  • Account for where you are spending your time

  • Change your attitude about time

  • Change your subconscious awareness of passing time

Planning or writing a 'To Do' list is only half the task. It is the same as budgeting your money. Accounting for what you actually do with your time is the same as financial accounting. Companies account for their money daily to succeed. The same is true for you your chances to succeed in life are much higher if you account for your time as it passes.

Time Registration Tracking is a program that continuously accounts for your time. You simply input the various projects you are working on and add all the activities you do during the day. You then tell the system the time interval you want it to popup and ask you what you are doing. This popup window takes a 'From' or 'To' time, asks what activity you have been doing and what project it is related to, then maintains a database of how you spent your time. (The popup window and can be immediately closed if you don't want to input anything right then.)

Pre-Release Version...
Time Registration Tracking is due for release in November, 2008*. However, we are so confident that this product can change lives and make people more productive that we have decided to release it now. For a limited time, if you order Time Registration Tracking today, you will receive the full working version sold in Europe for over $160 at over 30% off.
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Purchase Time Registration Tracking today. Use it. Kneson Software is so sure that this product will change your work life that we offer a 100%, no-questions-asked money back guarantee for a FULL 45 DAYS. If at any time you feel that Time Registration Tracking does not EXCEED your expectations, we will refund you immediately.
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